Fall Gift Items

It’s full-blown craft fair season around my town, and lots of crafty vendors have taken on new projects to inspire and delight holiday shoppers. Today I have a few very ordinary items that look pretty darn cute fancied up!

For all my projects today I used our Floating Leaves stamp set. I think this set wins…  |  read more »

Bad stamping turned good with a bit of cheating.

This is the one and only time I’m going to show you my bad stamping efforts but it’s for a good cause,  you just have to trust me on that one!
This post was going to start out in a whole other way but right from the beginning it was obvious it would take a different…  |  read more »

Taking inspiration from adverts

Looking through a magazine, you can find inspiration on nearly every page.  It may be the colours, the shapes, the way things are put together or just the typeface used.
Below I’ve shown a couple of adverts which caught my attention in some way and I’ll show you how I used them.

On the advert above, I…  |  read more »

Junk Journal

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now about making a journal totally from junk.  Junk mail, envelopes, packaging, just about anything goes and as most of us know there’s alot of very pretty packaging out there.  I have a chest of drawers in my craft room full of it.  In fact I’ve become so…  |  read more »

Enough room

Hello stamping fans! Agata here to make a little show and tell post. Remember this album? Some time ago I made a stamped mini album cover for a friend of ours. I liked it so much (because it’s so easy!) that I made another one. This one is for my brother-in-law. That’s why I’ve chosen…  |  read more »

Color Challenge: Ocean Tide & Lilacs

photo source.
Hi All!
Wendy here to share up a beautiful Color Challenge for you!
I find a lot of inspiration in color, patterns, and beautiful quotes….over at Pinterest.  This color challenge I picked up over there with some beautiful palettes & images linked up in this post.  I live near the beach (only 30 min+ to be…  |  read more »

Project Share: “Jetset Jetset”

Hello mSB fans!
Wendy here with a project share for you today using quite a stash of mSB stamps!
I’m always inspired by my travels {even when a “bit” of work is involved}…I have a major love for travel and I think airplanes are one of the best inventions everrrrrr because I absolutely LOVE flying {even when…  |  read more »

How small can you go?

I love to make mini albums, they’re so cute and decorative and great conversation books.  Occasionally though it can be a challenge to find ways to incorporate stamping on some of the pages when they’re so small.
This mini proved to be just that so I had to find cunning ways to use my favourite stamps…  |  read more »

Handmade chipboard buttons

Hello everyone, welcome to the MyStamp BOX blog today.

Probably, just like me, you have drawers and boxes full of embellishements. All of them bought because they are so pretty and maybe one day you can use them, right?! And a lot of them you will use, that’s for sure. But sometimes with all these piles…  |  read more »

Stamped mini album cover

Hi there mSB fans! Agata here with a question: do you remember THIS mini album? Well, if not, no worries! I’m here to show you not only another version of it but also how to make one!
Here’s your supplies:

My cardboard pieces are 4” squares and fabric squares are just a bit larger.
Step 1: stamp both…  |  read more »