Note Cards

Sometimes it seems like we are scrambling for a quick birthday or thank you card so I decided to make a set of note cards for my son to have quick access to, though he liked them so much he said he was going to keep them – how cute!
The images are colored with Prisma…  |  read more »

Quick and Easy

If you are like me life just seems to be so busy.  Sometimes it is just hard to find the time to sit down and make a card for someone.
Well today I am going to show you how to make a quick and easy card that I think still has impact.

1. Make a standard A2…  |  read more »

October Showcase: Hope, Support and Friendship – win a stamp set!

This months’ showcase theme is all about Friendship, Support and Hope. Our Designers have created some fabulous projects of all kinds with these traits in mind.
We love that you can use many stamps that are not directly topic-related and make them work for a specific project. Stamp are so versatile that way!
Let us know which…  |  read more »

Getting ready

Hello myStamp BOX fans! Are you ready for Christmas? No?? Neither am I! But I guess with it coming in something less than 65 days, we better get started!
I like to give presents. But there’s always THE problem of what to offer. Hand made gifts are always appreciated but they take some time to be made….  |  read more »

Amy’s Day

Lately I’ve been been digging VERY FAR back into my photo collection and pulling out pictures of my children of when they were little.
You see I didn’t start scrapbooking until they were all grown up so I have a lot of catching up to do.
I found a photo of my daughter when she was having…  |  read more »

Going Beyond

Hi there stamp lovers! Agata here to entertain you today on myStamp Box blog!
I remember watching in my childhood a TV show called Beyond 2000. My English was sort of in its beginnings back then so I was puzzled by the word “beyond”. Plus year 2000 seemed so far away! …  |  read more »

Some water, please!

Hello myStamp BOX readers! Are you hot? Are you craving water? Here in Switzerland, since February, we’re having unusually hot weather. Everybody and everything is thirsty!!! So here we go, I bring you a technique that’s using some water! For your project you’ll need watercolor paper, dye inks, water (no kidding! ), eventually…  |  read more »

Easter Showcase

Spring and Easter are finally here and this weekend we are into pastel colours!
For most of us it was a challenge to work with these subtle hues, but the end products are all spectacular! Get inspired to leave your regular colour range and try out a new and different palette.

Marsha Valk stamped and embossed on…  |  read more »

Hee Haw Happy

For those of you who know my crafting work, lumpy and bumpy is my favorite way to go. My husband sometimes jokes that my scrapbook pages must weight 5 lbs each! For my project today I decided to limit myself to techniques and supplies that would keep things flat yet still fun. Here’s the layout I…  |  read more »

Pattern Showcase and Challenge

Patterned paper is beautiful and many of us cannot live without it! But you don’t need to buy every piece you use. Just take out your stamps and create your own custom patterned paper. You can make almost any pattern you like and adjust your colours in an unlimited number of ways to your other…  |  read more »