Wonders of Recycling

I love to collect and reuse. Sometimes I am taking it to an extreme. For example when I am not throwing out the tiniest bits of coloured card stock and paper, because I am planning to make paper from it (more on that project in another post). I came across my tiny paper scraps stash…  |  read more »

Showcasing – A Tree For All Seasons

Good morning everyone,
Today I would like to show you that a stamp set does not necessarily HAVE to be used in the way that it was intended. I tend to think out of the box whenever possible and come up with something a little different. Most of the time it really is nothing spectacular, more…  |  read more »

Having Fun With Patterns!

Today I am going to show you some fun ideas of how to use your stamps to create some fun patterns.
I love the new stamp set just released this month called “Hive of Live“:

I couldn’t resist creating a fun honeycomb back ground using some orangey-yellow ink.
I stamped my hexagon shapes using my eye as a…  |  read more »

Journaling Helpers

by Cathy Schellenberg
I am in the process of putting together a fairly large album for a friend of mine. Actually, it’s a present from her to her mother on her mother’s 80th birthday and it’s an album incorporating tons of older pictures that her family had been holding on to. It’s been a fascinating process,…  |  read more »

Gift Card holder

We’re closing in on “Schoolteacher/Coach/Piano-Dance-whatever teacher Thank you season” here so I’m trying to create a few unique cards for putting gift cards in for these once-a-year occasions. I also thought I’d use this one, my original, to ask my DH out on a date   I used the Just Add Notes stamp set…  |  read more »