New Year, New Journal

I love a new journal and for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a new Moleskin which I was just itching to use. Following on from the card I made for New Year, I adopted the same 3d stamping technique to my page as I had on the card.
After spraying and dribbling inks…  |  read more »

Bad stamping turned good with a bit of cheating.

This is the one and only time I’m going to show you my bad stamping efforts but it’s for a good cause,  you just have to trust me on that one!
This post was going to start out in a whole other way but right from the beginning it was obvious it would take a different…  |  read more »

Try Resist Technique

Hi there!
Happy Thursday! Linda here and today I would like to share with you a simple technique to create beautiful color combination with soft transition and embossing. Stampers usually call this technique as “Resist Technique”. So, let’s get started;

Use your favorite stamp image and apply onto cardstock on random position. Emboss using powder and heat…  |  read more »

Use your stamps to label!

Good Day, myStamp BOX fans! Our team is enjoying the Summer holidays and hope that you are, too!
Allison Cope has this beautiful idea for labeling her inks that we want to share today. She likes to store her inks upside down. To be able to pick out the right colour, she prints out small labels…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips 5

Today we will share with you our last round of stamping tips.
Janet: My grandnephew Evan had a Super Hero theme for his birthday party so I made him a cute card with a caped crusader on it. I used the star stamp from the Pennants set to make the background on the card. My tip…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips 4

Today we want to share with you 3 more stamping tips.
Rebecca: For stress free stamping on layouts, stamp on separate pieces of cardstock or patterned paper and add to the layout rather than stamping on a partially completed layout so if you make a mistake you can just do it over. Also stamping on cardstock…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips 3

On day 3 we have more stamping tips and ideas for you. Check out these ones:
Allison: One of the fabulous parts of myStamp BOX stamps is that they come in there very own storage case!  For me, I have a LOT of sets (62 sets to be exact!!!) and I store them in a tall…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips 2

Welcome to day 2 of our stamping tips. We hope you will pick up some great ideas and inspiration from our Design Team’s shared expertise.
Linda: It is always fun to change the stamp from vertical alignment to horizontal or vice versa. For this project, I modify the sentiment alignment of “Hi, What’s Up?” from Itty…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips 1

Our Design Team not only has their beautiful work to share, but we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. Join us over the next few days for some great tips on how to make things easier or switch routines up.
1. To ensure that your long stamp (sentiment, stitching, zig-zag) is really straight, drop…  |  read more »

Stamping Tips Contest

Later this month we are sharing some of our favourite stamping tips with you. But we are very curious about what you have up your sleeve!
Share a short tip with us in your comment and we will put your name in a draw for a stamp set! Your tip can be about anything stamping related,…  |  read more »