Mini rolls.

I’m a great fan of recycling and I’m always interested in finding ways to turn junk into something interesting. My latest craze has hit on the humble toilet roll tube.  These little pieces of cardboard make great mini books and there are plenty of tutorials out there. 
Here as they say is one I made earlier….  |  read more »

Lip-smackin’ good

Hey Stampers!!
Jill, here, with some fabulous inspiration coming from…….what else……..FOOD!!!!
I know…..we all love it…..we crave it…….we consume it; we buy it; we even hide it on occassion – not me though.   
So what better inspiration to use?!?
The first layout I created this month was inspired by a “food” photo.  It’s a photo taken in Disney…  |  read more »

Go WILD with Stamps!

There is nothing better than just experimenting when it comes to stamping.  I just love sitting down and letting the photos I wish to scrap “talk to me” and lend me to using all kinds of cool stamps… especially maybe not in the way they were intended.
Here’s a layout I created showcasing my son and…  |  read more »

A mixed media canvas project.

I like to think of myself as a mixed media artist, that is to say, I love to combine papers with paints, inks and stamps to create one off pieces of artwork.
Here I’ve created a canvas project around a whimsical painting as a gift for my nephew who turns 3 this month.  I wanted a funky background…  |  read more »

Blooms, Blues and Boxes!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
This month I wanted to challenge myself to share something outside of the box (no pun intended!) for me!  I have the hardest time altering items.  I’m not certain why but I guess it’s because I thoroughly enjoy creating layouts and cards.
So I was browsing through my local scrapbook store and came across…  |  read more »

A happy accident.

There are no mistakes in crafting, just happy accidents. This project is just one of those such happy accidents.

I started out with something totally different in mind which is usually the case with me, but this time it wasn’t simply a matter of me changing my mind. I’d started out with a beautiful wooden tea…  |  read more »

Personalized Notecards

After the holidays, it’s nice to send thank you notes or New Year’s notes to family and friends.  I like to send personalized notecards and because they are so quick and easy to create , I often look for bargains on packaged cards after the holidays that can be altered to fit my needs.
The cards I found…  |  read more »

gift tags gone crazy

Ever find yourself trying to step out of your box when it comes to creating something new?
I recently found that out — the hard way.   I got half-way through this project and thought…….am I crazy?!?  This is SOOOOOO out of my league.
I wanted to create some gift tags (not specifically for the holiday season), but…  |  read more »

Frame It!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
One of my favourite things to create is cards with something visually eye catching and different.  You know… something that makes them stand out.  That could be something with sparkle, something with dimension but I love making cards with frames!
So today I’m going to show you a few cards that I’ve made using…  |  read more »

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I love this time of year, with its reminders to reflect about things that we are grateful for. This year I made a few cards for friends, celebrating friendship, one thing among many I am infinitely grateful for.
The card below has been made with a chandelier from our product partner “Magistical Memories”….  |  read more »