How small can you go?

I love to make mini albums, they’re so cute and decorative and great conversation books.  Occasionally though it can be a challenge to find ways to incorporate stamping on some of the pages when they’re so small.
This mini proved to be just that so I had to find cunning ways to use my favourite stamps…  |  read more »

Going Beyond

Hi there stamp lovers! Agata here to entertain you today on myStamp Box blog!
I remember watching in my childhood a TV show called Beyond 2000. My English was sort of in its beginnings back then so I was puzzled by the word “beyond”. Plus year 2000 seemed so far away! …  |  read more »

Blooms, Blues and Boxes!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
This month I wanted to challenge myself to share something outside of the box (no pun intended!) for me!  I have the hardest time altering items.  I’m not certain why but I guess it’s because I thoroughly enjoy creating layouts and cards.
So I was browsing through my local scrapbook store and came across…  |  read more »

A happy accident.

There are no mistakes in crafting, just happy accidents. This project is just one of those such happy accidents.

I started out with something totally different in mind which is usually the case with me, but this time it wasn’t simply a matter of me changing my mind. I’d started out with a beautiful wooden tea…  |  read more »

gift tags gone crazy

Ever find yourself trying to step out of your box when it comes to creating something new?
I recently found that out — the hard way.   I got half-way through this project and thought…….am I crazy?!?  This is SOOOOOO out of my league.
I wanted to create some gift tags (not specifically for the holiday season), but…  |  read more »

Stitched Leaves

I love to use hand or machine stitching on my projects. Sewing adds so much interest to creative work.
Last week I made this layout and stamped three leaves from the “Floating Leaves” set on white cardstock. I used yellow, red and green inks. Then I poked around the leaves to make the stitching easier and…  |  read more »

Tribute to Autumn

It’s now officially autumn!  Yippee! My favourite season.  A season of beautiful colours, warm days and cool nights, yummy smells and lots of fun and family events.
Today I’d like to share some fun autumn related projects I have made to both put in my scrapbooks, give as gifts and also to hang on my walls.
I…  |  read more »