Lynne Mizera

Hello, my name is Lynne Mizera and these are the things that define me:  I love life, Love people and LOVE to laugh.  I am a 50 year old grandmother to three fantastic boys and I live on four beautiful acres snug up against the Rockies in Water Valley, Alberta; I LOVE food in all its forms (to eat it, to make it and to feed it to people!).  I have been a creative soul all my life and I HAVE to create something with my hands everyday or I become UNBALANCED! I t doesn’t matter whether I am in my garden, in my kitchen or in my studio I spend my days creating wonderful things!  In the paper arts world I tend to gravitate toward vibrant, bright colours and bold but simple layouts and I am honoured to be included on the myStamp BOX Design Team! My Eyes are blue, my hair is curly and the rest is subject to change without notice – Grin – and I cannot WAIT to share my creativity with all of you!

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