From shame to pride

Hello lovely people! Did it ever happen to you to buy something and never use it? Well, it happened to me, I’ve bought a “decorate it yourself” calendar for 2011 and never did anything with it! What I felt about it was shame… Till I saw that my lovely co-DT member, Els, shared…  |  read more »

Enough room

Hello stamping fans! Agata here to make a little show and tell post. Remember this album? Some time ago I made a stamped mini album cover for a friend of ours. I liked it so much (because it’s so easy!) that I made another one. This one is for my brother-in-law. That’s why I’ve chosen…  |  read more »

Happy 2012!

Hi mSB fans! Happy New Year to all of you! I thought it wasn’t too late to give you my best wishes! And show you a card I made for the occasion. Here it is:

I used one of my favorite stamp sets, Neighborhoods, and my favorite stamp from this set. I guess this stamp makes…  |  read more »

9th day of Christmas

Hello everyone! Agata here with some more inspiration before Christmas!
The older I get, the more I’m nostalgic and realize how important traditions are. My husband’s grand-mother, 96 yrs old, was organizing each year a family gathering for her 6 children and their families. The latter grew and all in all we were something like 40…  |  read more »

Having Holiday fun

Hello myStamp Box fans! I’m back to talk a bit more about the same I talked about last time we’ve met – getting ready for Christmas. But there’s a twist to it! So watch out!
I always love the idea of taking some stamps and making something else with them. So this time I took the…  |  read more »

Getting ready

Hello myStamp BOX fans! Are you ready for Christmas? No?? Neither am I! But I guess with it coming in something less than 65 days, we better get started!
I like to give presents. But there’s always THE problem of what to offer. Hand made gifts are always appreciated but they take some time to be made….  |  read more »

Stamped mini album cover

Hi there mSB fans! Agata here with a question: do you remember THIS mini album? Well, if not, no worries! I’m here to show you not only another version of it but also how to make one!
Here’s your supplies:

My cardboard pieces are 4” squares and fabric squares are just a bit larger.
Step 1: stamp both…  |  read more »

Colorful world

Hi there!
Rebecca and Agata are here to put some color into your world! We’ve teamed up for this challenge and chose to make some layouts using a great stamp set: Colorful Companions which is all about butterflies! Here’s Rebecca’s beauty:

She took only one stamp from that set, stamped it numerous times in colors…  |  read more »

Going Beyond

Hi there stamp lovers! Agata here to entertain you today on myStamp Box blog!
I remember watching in my childhood a TV show called Beyond 2000. My English was sort of in its beginnings back then so I was puzzled by the word “beyond”. Plus year 2000 seemed so far away! …  |  read more »

Lazy Summer Days

Hello! Agata here for some Friday talk! Are you ready for Summer? Maybe you’re already enjoying a nice beach or cottage… I’m sure your camera is in full swing! And how about scrapping those pictures right away? Here’s a tip: take with you in your luggage some basic supplies and some myStamp Box…  |  read more »