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It may be absolutely freezing outside but I’m in the springy mood and ready to clean, order, and freshen up and that means my blog too.

I’ve made myself a new blog banner which is so easy and fun to do, this one took me just half an hour.

I started with a piece of card 28 x 10cm’s and decorated it as if it was a layout using my favourite journaling stamps Your Story and some off cuts from my bits box.

I then took a photo of the artwork by placing it on the floor and standing above it so I could get a good picture. On the computer I cropped it further to tidy it up and changed the pixel size to 900 x 300 px. The 900 px is the important one as if it’s too long or too short it’ll look wrong when you upload it to the blog. (My blog is on Blogger so if you use a different blog host like Wordpress the size may be different so check first).

From your blog dashboard, go to the layout to edit the banner. It’s just a matter then of uploading the image.

You can see the banner in place on my blog from today here.

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  1. Lovin’ this. Just might give me the jump-start my batteries need. The water colour business really perks me up.

  2. Ok, I used it, and posted on my blog, with a link back to you here.

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