Coffee Lover’s Delight

This year I needed gifts for people who are coffee lovers, so I decided to use stamping to help make their gifts more special. I found the basic idea for this project several places on the internet but added my own personal twist.

When I bought gift cards from my local coffee shop, I asked for empty frappuccino cups to use as treat containers. I wrapped each gift card in brown tissue paper and tucked it down inside the cup. I crumpled some white tissue paper and stuff it into the lid. The papers fill the cup to snugly hold in the gift card, and the two colors give the playful illusion of a tasty treat. I used a thin, wooden bamboo skewer inside each drinking straw to help anchor it into the cup.

I decided to use my Enjoy Your Latte! stamp set for this project f course. I started with a scrap of white cardstock and randomly stamped the coffee ring with Sepia Archival ink. I trimmed the cardstock to a gift tag size and folded it over. I layered up the front with a stamped coffee cup mounted on punched circles and the stamped sentiment on a ticket-punched piece of cardstock. The sentiment continues inside with “for your daily grind.” I added a thin punched border along the bottom of the gift tag for added interest. I tied the gift tag right onto the straw with matching curling ribbon. These gifts were a huge it! Try impressing the java junkie in your life with a custom-wrapped gift like this. I’m sure they’ll be buzzing with more than just caffeine!

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  1. Allison says:

    What a clever gift idea Jolene! I may just have to steal this one… LOL! Love it!

  2. Jaine says:

    I love it Jolene so quirky and original. xx

  3. Janet Zeppa says:

    Of course they were a hit!!! Fabulous idea!!

  4. lauren says:

    oh HOLY MOLY that is one of the most clever gift card ideas i have EVER seen!!! i especially looooooove the two-toned tissue paper stuffing, which does indeed make it look like a frappucino! miss jolene, you are just TOO brilliant!!! ???

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