Junk Journal

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now about making a journal totally from junk.  Junk mail, envelopes, packaging, just about anything goes and as most of us know there’s alot of very pretty packaging out there.  I have a chest of drawers in my craft room full of it.  In fact I’ve become so famous now within my circle of friends for collecting stuff that they keep and donate the most interesting things you can imagine.  I felt it was now time to dive into it and pull out some of the best pieces to make into my journal.

The base for the journal was a wonderful long black envelope which I folded into three to make a fold over cover.  The front has a doily and stamp from the Seal It stamp set.  I then collected tags, packaging, envelopes and all sorts of other goodies, folded them and laid them on top of one another then just ran it all through my sewing machine.  To hide the spine stitching and strengthen the fold I use some furnishing fabric glued on with gel medium.  The furnishing fabric came in a huge box of samples and given to me as a christmas present by a crafty friend. Even the closure is the bottom from a felted jumper with a button on it.

Once it was put together I just needed to decorate it.  I wanted the book to reflect my personality so it became a journal about me.

Here I’ve used a tag by Canvas Corp (partnered with My Stamp Box) and splattered it with ink, stamped the journaling before adding it to the page.  That coffee ring stain in the new Enjoy your Latte set comes in very handy for backgrounds. Here I used it with black acrylic paint. (Clean your stamps well afterwards).

Below I’ve used mini pennants and some of the Snapshot stamps.

I’ve totally fallen in love with the houses from the new Lovely Houses set, they’re just so totally me.  All the craft cardstock used throughout the book was recycled from packaging. 

Funnily enough the piece of acrylic for the page below came in my box of new stamps so nothing has gone to waste.  I painted over some gesso, sprayed with some ink and stamped on the tea cup from the new Special Teas set.

The flowers from the Garden Sketches set was stamped onto some recycled craft card and glued to the music score page.  A few more flowers were added to fill in the gaps.

You can just about see the coffee stain stamp again on this last page.  I did say it makes a truly funky background especially on a grunge look.

By this time my book had become quite fat and uneven so stamping the tree from the Tree for all Seasons set, wasn’t perfect.  I had to touch up some of it with an embossing pen before adding some embossing powder.  When I wanted to stamp the snowflakes from the Let It Snow set, I used the tip of my finger rather than the acrylic block as this gave a much better impression on the uneven surface.

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell junk journal.  Have a go at your own and see what interesting things you can find to stamp onto.

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! You turned junk into pure art. Great job!

  2. Agata says:

    Wonderful! There’s surely too much treasure that goes to the dust bin every day… :)

  3. jill says:

    simply AMAZING, jaine!!! i LOVE that coffee stain as well. Totally me….you….and a million others. you totally inspired me today — off to do some work on my own aRt journal now. :)

  4. Isolde says:

    This is awesome!!!

  5. Els says:

    What a gorgeous album, Jaine!! Totally amazing!

  6. Janet Zeppa says:

    What an inspiring and unique project!!

  7. Jona Panesa says:

    what a lovely project!!!

  8. Jeniffer says:

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