Masking hearts

Yes, it is almost that time again. You know, when you are totally allowed to go all lovey dovey. Valentine’s Day. I have a clean and simple card to share today for the occasion. I used the masking technique for the hearts on the background and am about to show you how I did this.

I started by die-cutting two different sizes of hearts out of a larger piece of copy paper. You could use post-it notes too, as long as your paper is not too thick. Be sure to keep the punched out hearts as well, we will use both.

I placed one of the templates onto the card and adhered it with temporary adhesive.

I used stamps from the Funky Flowers and from the Repeat after Me set onto my card. Here you see me using one of the zipper stamps from the Repeat after Me set to stamp inside the heart.

When the heart had dried, I covered it. And then placed the template for the smaller heart partly over that one.

After stamping, uncovering shows a red heart, which appears to be tucked under the large orange one. You continue the rest of the card the exact same way. Just keep in mind that the heart that you’re stamping first, is the one that will show completely. The second one will be partly behind it.

To cover an entire heart with a long and smaller stamp likes those from the Repeat after Me set, I simply stamp in the middle of the heart first and then build my way up and down the heart.

I finished up the card with a sentiment from Programmed Robots.

I hope you liked my little tutorial and will give this masking technique a try.

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  1. marsha. says:

    So cute!

  2. Agata says:

    Els, this is brilliant!!! Love your card!

  3. Janet Zeppa says:

    Adorable card! Love the masking technique!

  4. Tracy says:

    Love it! Like all your designs, clean and eye-catching. I’ve been experimenting with masking, too (figured I could use some of those scrap cut outs instead of tossing them) and putting glossy accents over to create a shiny raised effect.

  5. Jona Panesa says:

    so cool!!! loved the card!

  6. So fun! This is a great technique for pushing your stamps in a new direction.

  7. wendymorris says:

    Nice tutorial Els!

  8. jaine says:

    Brilliant technique, now why didn’t I think of that ????

  9. Isolde says:

    Totally in love with the card, Els!

  10. stephanie says:

    THis is a wonderful idea.

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