what’s for lunch?

My youngest is entering Grade 2 tomorrow……yes, it’s true.  So I’ve put together a little “Back to School Lunch Kit” for her, all decorated & stamped with some fabulous myStampBOX stamp sets.

I used a combination of orange and watermelon ink to stamp flowers from the Bits and Pieces stamp set around my daughter’s soup thermos.

Next I used the Colourful Companions stamp set, combined with cool words from the Whatever set to decorate the lid of her sandwich container.  I stamped only the top half of one of the butterflies, and used lilac and ocean ink to stamp the “hip hip hooray” logo.

I then used the Border Lines stamp set and white ink to stamp on the lid of a little snack container. 

Lastly, a school lunch is not complete without juice, complete with a stamped banner that gives “hugz” to your little one at school.  I used Bits and Pieces & the Whatever stamp sets.

Hope everyone has another GREAT year at school. 

Keep up the great work & keep stamping.

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  1. Janet Zeppa says:

    Oh how fun!! It will make that lunch extra special.

  2. Agata says:

    That’s some serious lunch she has there!!! ;) Lovely projects! I love especially the half stamped butterfly!

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