How small can you go?

I love to make mini albums, they’re so cute and decorative and great conversation books.  Occasionally though it can be a challenge to find ways to incorporate stamping on some of the pages when they’re so small.

This mini proved to be just that so I had to find cunning ways to use my favourite stamps on pages which are only three inches by three inches.

This is the cover page and the butterfly from the Colorful Companions set, has been stamped onto shrink plastic. It’s only half an inch wide but has lost none of it’s detail.

On this first page I really wanted to use the Mini Pennants stamps so when cutting them out I left a small tab at the top which I folded over and threaded some coloured thread through them so I could wind them around the two pages allowing them to poke out of the page in a couple of places.

Stamping onto acetate also allowed me to make my own overlays and kept the pages free from bulky embellishments.  It keeps the finished look light and uncluttered. I attached my overlays using Helmars Scrap Dots as it dries clear. Incidentally you can compare the butterfly with the one on the front page – it’s the same one!

On these two pages I’ve used the Snapshot stamp set for the photo corners, camera (again stamped onto acetate) and the sentiments.  The tiny size is absolutely perfect here.

On this final page I’ve again used shrink plastic with the Seal It stamps to make the flower centre. Compare the shrink plastic version with the stamps on the right for an idea of the shrink ratio.  You can clearly see how the full sized stamps could have swamped the page.

I hope you enjoyed my mini and it gave you one or two ideas for making your own.

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  1. jill says:

    Kay, Jaine……..this is sooooooo cute!!! Love the little “shrinked” details (I still need to do that little project with my kids). And I love your little stringed pennants on the first page. You are some sort of crafty lady. Don’t be surprised when I start scrap-lifting some ideas from you…………..hmmmm……now if only I had time to scrap today. Awesome job!! You have me thinking “I need to create a mini again soon.”

  2. Janet Zeppa says:

    Your mini is just too adorable!!

  3. Agata says:

    Looooooove it!!!! It’s really beautiful and I just like so much little albums! These are the best!

  4. linda says:

    This is just awesome!! super cute! I love the color, I love everything about it..

  5. The shrink art is perfect for a mini. Great job!

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