playing with butterflies

My daughter & I have been playing with my Colourful Companions stamp set lately.  It’s a favourite of both of our’s.  With a few creative additions, we whipped up a cute little piece of artwork.

Start with these simple supplies: 

Here are the steps:

1. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit the inside of your frame.  I cut mine to 5×7 inches.  Choose 3 different butterfly stamps from the Colourful Companions stamp set and stamp the images on the BACKSIDE of the cardstock (make sure it’s the back of your cardstock).  It doesn’t matter what colour of ink you use because it’s on the backside — just make sure you can’t see the butterflies through the cardstock.  Here are mine:

2.  Take your paper piercer & foam pad and punch tiny holes around each butterfly image, following the lines of your stamped images.

(You don’t need to punch any holes in the centre of the stamped image, but you can if you want more detail).  Don’t forget the tiny antennae.

3. This is what it will look like when you flip the cardstock over to the FRONTSIDE now:

4. Stamp a sentiment between the butterfly images to create your message.  I used the Lines of Life stamp set and used black dye ink.  Next, I stamped directly on my wooden frame, creating a whimsical effect using the swirl image from the Funky Flowers stamp set.  I stamped with two different ink colours this time. 

Here’s the final artwork………….easy enough for any 7 year-old cutie to create with her mom & her awesome stamps from myStampBOX.

Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Jaine says:

    This is so pretty, the pricking technique is so subtle but very chic.

  2. Allison Cope says:

    What a cool idea Jill! So clever girl!

  3. Agata says:

    So beautiful! Love your idea!

  4. Janet Zeppa says:

    Oh so sweet!! Mother daughter bonding time…love it!

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