Stamping Tips 5

Today we will share with you our last round of stamping tips.

Janet: My grandnephew Evan had a Super Hero theme for his birthday party so I made him a cute card with a caped crusader on it. I used the star stamp from the Pennants set to make the background on the card. My tip is to not forget about the envelope. I used the same star stamp and decorated both the front and back of it therefore making it a cohesive set.

Bettina: Similar to Janet I like to use more than the front of my cards for stamping. I often stamp the card before folding it so that part of the design spills onto the back. The flower cards are both done this way. On the bottom card I added stamped and cut paper petals as well. I love to used large stamps and stamp them closer to the edges so that only part of the image shows. This makes them look even larger.

Some sentiment stamps are fairly long. These are ideal for bending into different shapes. In this card I curved the stamp to make use of the white space and to add more dynamic. You can use any long and narrow stamps this way, borders, stitches… Try a curve, wave or even a circle…

I hope you found some useful ideas in our stamping tip series!

Let us know which ones work for you!

Happy Stamping,

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  1. Agata says:

    Excellent ideas and very pretty creations!

  2. marsha. says:

    Wow! Bettina and Janet, these cards are awesome! Great tips :-) .

  3. Allison says:

    Wonderful tips Janet & Bettina! I just love that caped crusader card Janet!!!

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