Pattern Showcase and Challenge

Patterned paper is beautiful and many of us cannot live without it! But you don’t need to buy every piece you use. Just take out your stamps and create your own custom patterned paper. You can make almost any pattern you like and adjust your colours in an unlimited number of ways to your other accessories.

Today we want to challenge you to create your own patterns and use only solid card stock. We hope you will find some inspiration below!

Agata Pfister used stamps from the “Itty Bittys” set to create this clean and simple graphic pattern. The sentiment is from the same set.

Allison Cope used the X from “Rough Copy” to create  the pattern on the teal background. It’s a very subtle and beautiful effect. The outline houses from “No place like Home” are perfect for the house pattern on the white card stock. The sentiment comes from “Whatever!”.

Stephanie Ackermann used several sentiments from “Mention It!” to create this fun background for her Thank You card.

Eva Pizarro created a background from hexagons taken from the “Hive of Live” set. These stamps fit together perfectly, forming a dense pattern on the kraft paper.

Cari Locken used the flower stems and circles from the “Funky Flowers” set for this beautiful graphic pattern. The sentiment comes from the “Seal It!” stamp set.

Look at your stamps in a new way, you can use many of them for unique patterns and share your patterns with us, if you like!

Happy patterning!

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  1. Janet Zeppa says:

    All the cards are fantastic! I love that you are making us think out of the box!

  2. Jolene says:

    These are so awesome!

  3. Agata says:

    Beautiful work ladies! Very inspiring!

  4. Stephanie says:

    i love how everyone used different stamp sets to create backgrounds.

  5. Maryfrances says:

    Wow ladies…love all your ideas here.

    Cari, your pattern is just beautiful.

    Eva, I love your design.

    Stephanie and Allison I just love the contrast from the stamps.

    Agata, your simplicity is perfect. Nice job ladies!

  6. evap says:

    wow! these cards are absolutely beautiful! great job everyone! this was such great inspiration!

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