Decorating your kids’ wardrobe tutorial!

Hi everyone!

Today it’s my (Monique’s) turn to post on myStampBOX blog!!  

I want to show you a fun technique I recently used: stamping on t-shirts!! 

I think everybody has them: plain t-shirts without a single print on them. When my youngest son complained about one of them it hit me!! I would turn his boring green (or white or any other color) t-shirt into a funny one!! 

Here’s what I did: 

I gathered all the items I needed: the t-shirt, a piece of cardboard, my myStampBOX stamps (Road Trip), a solvent ink (in this case I used StazOn) and an acrylic block:

Before I got started I put the cardboard inside the t-shirt to smoothen the surface on which I was going to stamp to ensure a clear stamped image:

Then I chose my first stamp and stuck it to my acrylic block. Before I stamped on the t-shirt I tried a few times on a piece of paper first and then I stamped on the t-shirt:

I repeated this step with a few other stamps I liked:

And in the end the result looked like this:

Of course once I started decorating one t-shirt I couldn’t stop!!

I got out the next stamping sets “Abundant Blossoms” and “Colorful Companions” and an orange t-shirt:

and then a white t-shirt….  and then my Posca pens…. and this is the result:

and my son????

He’s very happy with his “new” old shirt!!  

This is it for now! Hope you liked it!! And don’t forget: if you give this fun technique a go too, please leave me a comment with a link to your post!!

Please, don’t forget to check back here tomorrow to see what Tina has created for you!!!

Hugs, Monique

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  1. Gudrun says:

    WOW! This is absolutely fab! Love your idea!! :) :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Wow, what a great idea! The t-shirts look fab and I love that you always find new ways to use your stamps….. super!

  3. staceymichu says:

    those are fabulous! awesome idea!

  4. Jing-Jing says:

    I would love love love to try this, but does the staz-on ink wash off? I suppose I can try it on a piece of scrap cloth and throw in the washer and see what happens, eh? Well, now I need to rush out and buy a lot of plain t-shirts!!

  5. Sandrine says:

    WOW how weird is that ?! Two weeks ago I sent my project pictures as june guest dt member with a step by step to Bettina with exactly the same idea and same stamps ! Monique and I have the same really really good ideas I guess…

  6. jill says:

    cute tees, Monique. My kids would love them too!!!

  7. ellen s says:

    total cuteness!

  8. Allison Cope says:

    Freakin’ awesome Monique! Another fabulous way to use your stamps!

  9. Monique says:

    Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments!! And I’ve washed my son’s shirt in the washing machine a few times now and the stamp is still perfect!!! (although after one season I guess it will get lighter though…. but at this age he doesn’t wear his clothes for more than one season anyway, LOL!!!

  10. LG Belarmino says:

    Great tutorial! Will definitely try this one

  11. Fantastic idea for sure! Love the coloring you did. I have to check out those pens.

  12. Jolene says:

    I especially love that green shirt – the stamped images and design are so cool in a graphic sort of way. Very fun!

  13. THis is going to be a cheap summer, buying just plane t-shirts and get those stamps out! Wooohhhoooo wonderful tutorial, thank you so much for sharing! You are the best!!

  14. Tanya Tahir says:

    this is such a great idea!!

  15. Scoobie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, Monique. I love the idea of stamping on fabric, but have been unsure how to to it – now I know.

    I was a bit surprised to learn that the good old Stazon is suitable for this – thank you for showing!

  16. LOVE THIS!!! Anyone know how we could do white stamping on black T-shirts??? Think that would be cool!

  17. rigolote says:

    quelle bonne idée les tampons sur les tee-shirts ! Ca me donne une idée pour relooker mes tennis de l’an passé. Merci

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